Schriftzug Otto-Modersohn-Museum
Otto Modersohn, 1887

Helene und Otto Modersohn, 1898
Otto Modersohn und Paula Modersohn-Becker

Otto Modersohn and
Paula Modersohn-Becker
1865born in Soest/Westfalen
1874the family moves to Münster, Westphalia
1884studies at the Academy of Arts, Duesseldorf
1889first journey to Worpswede with Fritz Mackensen
1893Fritz Overbeck comes to Worpswede
1894Heinrich Vogeler and Hans am Ende follow their friend
1895in spring the five Worpswede artists exhibit in the Kunsthalle Bremen in autumn large success in the 'Internationale Glaspalastausstellung' in Munich
1897marriage with Helene Schröder
1898birth of daughter Elsbeth. Paula Becker comes to Worpswede as an art student
1899Modersohn leaves the Worpswede Artists Association
1900Modersohn and Overbeck meet Paula Becker and Clara Westhoff in Paris. Helene Schröder dies. Carl Hauptmann and Rainer Maria Rilke in Worpswede
1901marriage with Paula Becker
1907november, 2nd, birth of the daughter Mathilde. November, 20th, death of Paula Modersohn-Becker
1908move to Fischerhude
1909marriage with Louise Breling
1913birth of his son Ulrich
1916birth of his son Christian
1922- 1932 several long study trips to Wertheim, Würzburg and the Allgäu. Friendship with the painter Ahlers-Heestermann
1930purchase of a farmhouse in Gailenberg/Allgäu where he spends the following summers working
1935last stay in Gailenberg. He looses sight in his right eye
1943March, 10th, death after short illness. His son Ulrich dies in Russia
1948Louise Modersohn and her son Christian open a family gallery in Gailenberg/Allgäu
1950death of Louise Modersohn-Breling
1974opening of the Otto-Modersohn-Museum in Fischerhude